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Targeting the rural areas, getting women enrolled with us & creating the awareness about Pregnancy Aid Scheme offered PMO including basic health checkups... Know More

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Team Gutshe would be targeting the rural areas and will be putting healthy pregnancy awareness camps which will focus on:

  • Getting women enrolled with us for keeping them updated about the schemes and aids offered government to them such as the upcoming “Pregnancy Aid Scheme” offered PMO where Rs.6000 /- will be credited to account of beneficiary for nutrition food, vaccination expenses and regular checkups.
  • Educating them about the usage of ESI card benefits they can avail for the payments of their pregnancy checkups and deliveries etc.
  • Which all near maternity centres they can rely on in case of emergencies, Basic health checkups with the distribution of iron and multivitamin tablets, Sharing knowledge about a full of nutrition yet an economically low diet, Keeping quarterly track of pregnant women at rural areas for follow-up helps
  • Will be accompanied a Team of known doctors of the particular targeted rural areas, so the health checkups can be done efficiently.

Team Gutshe recently visited a school of around 60 underprivileged students aged under 5 – 15 years at Vaishali, Ghaziabad run Sandeepon Music & Educational Society to distribute stationary and love. The joy of giving is much bigger than any kind of possession one receives. We hope to keep on spreading happiness this way!! Know More

The GutShe Team

Nisha Pandey
Chief Motivation Officer
Gutshe has been created with a thought of giving a common platform for all the women all over India, where they can come and share their heart, share their issues and discuss the solutions to those. Gutshe is the largest developing online community in India exclusively for women. The aim is to work together to ease a woman’s life to give her the most beautiful touch of nature which is known as “a woman’s touch” of motivation and care.We aim to make a community where women support women and bring their positive energy for the uplift and betterment of each other & society.

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Delhi Squad
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Mumbai Squad
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